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Collaborative Family Law and How it Can Benefit You

Collaborative family law has become more widely used over recent years as a new way to resolve disputes between spouses. It works by removing the disputed matter from the courtroom setting and eliminating the “fight and win” attitude, replacing it with the mindset of troubleshooting and problem solving. Both parties involved in the collaborative law method retain separate attorneys, who work to help them settle their dispute without going to court. If it becomes necessary to go to court, the collaborative family law process becomes terminated and both attorneys have no further involvement in the case.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law has become more widely used over recent years as a new way to resolve disputes between spouses.

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative family law focuses on all involved parties reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement of their disputes. The process results in valuable benefits.

  • Collaborative law creates a cooperative environment where communication remains open, which provides a setting where you can work with your spouse to meet your children’s needs — regardless of their ages. That helps a tone for open communication and reduced conflict in the future.
  • It establishes a team instead of adversaries. Your lawyer supports you; your spouse’s lawyer supports your spouse. But you all work together and, in doing so, retain control of the process.
  • In matters requiring expert opinions, both parties can jointly hire one independent consultant. That helps shorten the duration of the case and reduce the overall expense.
  • You and your spouse shape the agreement together — which means you both are more likely to keep them. That diminishes the parental conflict the adversarial system generates and helps protect children from facing the anguish and divided loyalties that result.
  • You can schedule meetings without waiting for court dates. That means you generally spend less time and, as a result, less money to reach closure. It also means you reduce the fear and anxiety associated with court proceedings.
  • Your issues stay within the collaborative law setting. That gives more privacy and greater confidentially — and less stress during an already stressful time.

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