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Legal Information, Education and Strategy Session Offer

Strategy SessionFor a flat fee of only $375.00 you can get an in-depth consultation and strategy session by phone or via Zoom (including evenings and weekends) and have it deducted from your final bill if you retain my services. Let’s face it, when it comes to separation, divorce and/or child custody situations most people don’t know what they don’t know until spending countess hours of fighting and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and litigation costs.

One goal of this special offer is to give you an opportunity to gain a practical overview and a basic education, at a reduced hourly rate, about the topics that are important to you and your family BEFORE you potentially do it the hard way. Doesn’t it make sense to learn in advance about the different avenues available and where they may likely take you and how much those options can cost in real money and in more than dollars alone?

Depending on the facts of your case, I may also be able to assist you with an appropriate referral as I have a comprehensive referral network of attorneys from collaborative to litigation, mediators, therapists, child psychologists, financial experts, and the like. Often the other side’s choice in attorney is key in determining who you should hire and how your case should be handled. We will delve into the facts of your case as sometimes what is appropriate for some is not advantageous for others.

The above issues and any other related topics in general and in particular to your circumstances can be discussed for up to one hour by phone or by Zoom, (including evenings and weekends) for only $300.00 (paid on-line in advance). Call 410-869-3400 or send an email to [email protected] and be sure to reference Strategy Session offer. You may also go to our website home page and make a secure payment under “Retainer Payment.” We will each be sent an email receipt and the call will be scheduled.

I have been handling contested divorce and child custody cases for over thirty years. I am a mediator and collaborative law practitioner, Court Appointed Best Interest Attorney, and a member of the newly formed Amicable Divorce Network, and the author of the award winning and widely acclaimed book: Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations. I have seen a lot and been involved in many high conflict cases. Usually, in those situations, there are never any winners.

The small fee you will pay could end up saving you a lot of heartache and thousands of dollars. It gets even better, if you retain our services within (90) days of your call the $375.00 fee will be deducted from your final bill. I am sure that I can assist you.

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Please note: This email and any subsequent phone call / Strategy Session does not establish an attorney-client relationship other than for that one call. Unless there is a signed retainer agreement for specific work there is no obligation for attorney to perform services beyond the up to one-hour phone call offered herein.

I will personally work your case from start to finish