Criminal Defense

Get A Lawyer Involved As Early As Possible

If you are under police investigation, or if you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you must resist every temptation to talk to the police, prosecutor and victim without the presence of a defense lawyer.

The court will appropriately tell those charged that the State's Attorney who will be prosecuting the case against you is a trained lawyer.

The rules of evidence will apply at your trial. If you are not trained in the law and you do not know the rules of evidence, you will find that you are at a severe disadvantage in attempting to represent yourself.

A lawyer can help you in many ways.

A lawyer can help you investigate your case and determine if there is a legal defense that you might not know exists. A lawyer can help you effectively question the state's witnesses, call witnesses and question any witnesses that you may have. A lawyer can help you decide if you should testify or whether you should remain silent. Even if you are found guilty, a lawyer can still help you by negotiating the sentence to be imposed, as well as by explaining your rights concerning any appeal.

If you do nothing between the time of your arrest and the date of your trial to obtain a lawyer, or show up at trial without a lawyer, the judge may (and likely will) find that you have waived your right to a lawyer. In that event, your case will be heard without a lawyer. It will not end well.

The sooner you hire experienced counsel, the better off you will be. Call now to schedule your free consultation with criminal defense attorney, Michael A. Mastracci 410-869-3400 or contact us online.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

  • Assault and Battery / First and Second Degree Assault
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
  • Robbery
  • Drug possession: marijuana, cocaine, heroine, pills, etc.
  • Possession with intent to distribute drugs
  • Distribution of CDS
  • Conspiracy
  • Solicitation and prostitution
  • Some sex offenses
  • All property crimes / malicious destruction of property
  • Drunk Driving / DUI & DWI
  • Serious traffic offenses including hit and run, driving on suspended or revoked license, driving without a license, negligent driving, driving without insurance
  • MVA hearings and hearings at the Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Home Improvement Commission violations
  • EXPUNGMENT OF RECORDS - If charges filed against you in Maryland state courts were nolle prosequi, stetted, dismissed, or if you received a not guilty or a probation before judgment (but not for a DUI) you may be eligible to have your arrest and court records expunged. This can be done easily in many cases without a lawyer, although occasionally a prosecutor will object to an expungement and a lawyer is necessary to argue the case. Our fees are minimal for most expungments.

Generally speaking, I have the privilege and responsibility of representing otherwise good people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. I take that challenge very seriously. Whether due to drugs or other addiction, mental health issues, life changing events like divorce, child custody battles, the loss of a job or loved one or because of anger issues or other impulsive behaviors - Stuff happens.

I don't judge people by what they have allegedly done. It is my job to help them as best as I can. Anyone can make a mistake or be driven to do things that are unfitting of their character. Remember the movie Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy (Billy Ray Valentine)? Even Louis Winthorpe, III (Dan Aykroyd) turned to crime like a fish to water when the Duke brothers heaped tons of misfortune upon the wealthy and highly respected elitist commodities trader. The point is...Stuff happens.

While many lawyers advertise that they handle all kinds of criminal cases, like murder, rape and armed robbery, I choose not to handle those cases and/or people that are classified as carrier criminals. While I believe in the constitution and the protection of the rights of anyone accused of even the most heinous of crimes, I leave those case to me colleagues, by choice.

While I always strive to get the best result possible for my clients, I am most passionate when it comes to representing juveniles and young adults. It is a different world from the days of my youth and with Maryland Case Search Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, not only can a criminal conviction follow you with ease but just being charged with a crime is a big deal. I try to get the younger people to realize how things follow them and how important it is to get back on track as soon as possible. Providing them with the tools and resources to do so is an important part of providing individualized representation. I try to treat every client as if he/she was my only client.

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