The Dangers of Parental Alienation Cases in Wicomico County

The Dangers of Parental Alienation Cases in Wicomico County mike the lawyer

Let’s go over the dangers of parental alienation.

Parental alienation happens when a child aligns with one parent and rejects the other parent for seemingly no reason. Unfortunately, this toxic behavior can destroy a parent’s relationship with their child and leave the child in a damaged state of mind for potentially their entire life. If you believe your former spouse is alienating you from your child, then you must take action. Let’s go over the dangers of parental alienation.

The Effects of Parental Alienation on Children

Parental alienation can have long-lasting effects on children and their relationship with both parents, including psychological and emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and decreased self-esteem. Children may also feel a sense of loss, guilt, confusion, and anger towards the alienated parent. In some cases, parental alienation can even lead to parental estrangement.

Alienation has recently come under scrutiny for the detrimental impact it can have on a child’s mental and emotional development. It can potentially cause a child to develop an unhealthy relationship with the alienating parent, making them overly attached to or protective of that parent. 

Parental Alienation Affects Your Relationship With Your Child

One of the worst outcomes of parental alienation is the impact it can have on you and your child’s relationship. If your former partner has convinced your child that you don’t want to see them, intend to harm them, or even that you don’t love them, it causes your relationship with the child to fall apart. If the behavior is not stopped, your child could grow up and spend their entire life believing you don’t care about them. There is nothing more frightening to a parent than losing a child, and with parental alienation, that could quickly become a reality.

Preventing Parental Alienation

A healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse is the best way to prevent alienation. Be respectful and cooperative, and avoid speaking negatively about each other in front of your child. Be sure to encourage your child to express their feelings openly and honestly, and always reassure them that both parents love and will always be there for them.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you suspect your child is being alienated from you, you must take action. Seek legal advice from a divorce attorney with experience in parental alienation cases. Also, consider seeking counseling or therapy for both you and your child to help ease the stress of the process. It is essential to remain patient and persistent in your efforts to repair the relationship with your child.

The Right Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Hiring a lawyer should be the first thing you do when encountering any legal matter, not a last resort. Whether you’re thinking about a separation or divorce or have been charged with a crime, been injured in an accident, or your civil rights have been violated, you need to first know your rights. Contact Mike Mastracci today at 614 Edmondson Ave Catonsville, MD 21228 (with satellite offices in Ocean City, Snow Hill, and Salisbury, Maryland), 410-869-3400, and check us out on Facebook.

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