How to Win a Contested Child Custody Case in Wicomico County

How to Win a Contested Child Custody Case in Wicomico County mike the lawyer

Here are some tips on what to do to help your chances in a contested child custody case.

In a contested custody case, the focus should always be on the child’s best interests instead of “winning” in the traditional sense. The court’s primary concern is ensuring your child’s well-being and safety. However, you can improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome in such cases. Here are some tips on what to do to help your chances in a contested child custody case.

What Is A Contested Child Custody Case?

A contested child custody case can be emotionally draining and involve a significant financial investment. You and your ex-spouse must discuss how the divorce will affect child custody. If you cannot agree on the best child custody terms, or if one parent believes they have more right to custody, it could be grounds for a contested divorce. 

In a contested divorce, both spouses cannot agree on divorce terms, and child custody is likely one of them. Each state has different laws about contested child custody cases, so you need an experienced contested divorce attorney to provide legal advice. 

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Hire a divorce attorney specializing in family law with a proven track record of successful child custody case outcomes. They know the law, have tried many cases like yours, and can play both roles while working for the best-case outcome. Hiring an attorney is particularly important if you are concerned about your child’s well-being. They will advocate for what’s best for your child, prioritizing their safety.

Focus on Your Child

Divorce is a messy and emotionally draining situation for a child to experience. Focusing on your child’s best interest is vital during this stressful time. Offer them emotional support and reassurance throughout the process.

When working out a child custody agreement, remember your child needs to have both parents actively involved in their life unless one of the parents is unfit and poses a threat to your child. If that’s not the case, try to devise an amicable compromise regarding custody and visitation schedules that allows your child to spend quality time with both parents.

Document Everything

You should also keep detailed records of all interactions, communications, and incidents related to your child and the co-parent. This documentation is valuable evidence in court to support your claims and provide a clear picture of the situation.

Follow all Court Orders

It is critical that you comply with all court orders regarding custody, visitation, or support. Failing to do so can have negative consequences for your case.

The Right Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Hiring a lawyer should be the first thing you do when encountering any legal matter, not a last resort. Whether you’re thinking about a separation or divorce or have been charged with a crime, been injured in an accident, or your civil rights have been violated, you need to first know your rights. Contact Mike Mastracci today at 614 Edmondson Ave Catonsville, MD 21228 (with satellite offices in Ocean City, Snow Hill, and Salisbury, Maryland), 410-869-3400, and check us out on Facebook.

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